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The Making Two Homes Work class, based on our Children in the Middle Coparenting Class, is presented in a format that uses a live instructor, Power Point presentation, and videos to make the educational experience diverse. It is more than just a basic coparenting class, and it's not a parenting education class. The class exceeds mandated requirements in most states for coparenting education classes.

For example, in Texas a co-parenting education class is defined under:

The course must include information on the following issues:
(1) the emotional effects of divorce on parents;
(2) the emotional and behavioral reactions to divorce by young children and adolescents;
(3) parenting issues relating to the concerns and needs of children at different development stages;
(4) stress indicators in young children and adolescents;
(5) conflict management;
(6) family stabilization through development of a co-parenting relationship;
(7) the financial responsibilities of parenting;
(8) family violence, spousal abuse, and child abuse and neglect; and
(9) the availability of community services and resources.

The Making Two Homes Work class focuses on how families can meet the needs of children growing up between two homes. The class is well reviewed and suggested by participants. For reviews, please visit our reviews page. The class is a 7 hour, 2 part class.

Part I- The Adults
Part I of the class focuses on adult issues related to co-parenting and keeping children out of the conflict.

Topics covered include:
• You
• Victim Thinking
• Domestic Violence
• Working with the Other Household
• Extended Family/Significant Others
• Suggestions for Coparenting
• Adult Grief
• Conflict Disengagement
• Alternative Dispute Options

Part II-The Children
Part II of the class focuses on child development and the needs of children growing up in two homes.

Topics covered include:
• Children’s Stages of Development
• Creating the Dual Home Environment
• Parenting Time
• Child Support and Parental Access
• Talking to the Children
• Children’s Grief
• Mistakes Made in Involving Children
• Coparenting Vocabulary
• Alienating Behaviors

If you are in Texas, we are currently expanding the Between Two Homes class class throughout Texas.We offer a contract for providers outside of the North Texas area in which we handle all participant registration. You are responsible for marketing to your courts (with the brochures provided by BTH) and presenting the class to the list of participants supplied to you. If you are interested in teaching our coparenting class in Texas in your neck of the woods, please e-mail us. Please see our maps page for areas currently covered. Currently, our contract distributes a 65% provider/25% BTH per participant income structure.

Please note, the Texas Family Code requires all presenters of coparenting education classes to meet the following criteria: "Presented by a mental health professional who has at least a master's degree with a background in family therapy or parent education."

If you are outside of Texas and wanting to teach a coparenting class, we have the shell for you. Based on Making Two Homes Work: A Coparenting Handbook, by Bradley S. Craig, LMSW-IPR, CFLE the license to use and print the material for a county where the class is not already taught includes digital versions of the Power Point presentations, class signs, a leaders guide, forms for participants, and class videos. A sample of one of the videos used in the course is located here. The Making Two Homes Work book is available at the discounted rate per book (minimum 40 books per purchase order at a time) for license holders to give to participants to use during the class and as a portable compliment to the class. You are not required take additional training to teach the class. As material is updated, licensed holders are provided the content at no additional charge. All license holders will receive a link to their web site on our provider network. The license fee is $300.00 for the first year, and $100.00 each annual renewal.

If you would like to teach the Making Two Homes work class in your area please e-mail us and send us a copy of your resume.